Artwork by Laurie Fronek

About the Artist

Artist Statement

What we think or remember or imagine, what we feel emotionally and what we believe all intertwine with what we experience through our physical senses, and all of these things accumulate and live on in our bodies.

I have been creating a series of life-size figurative sculptures, constructing women’s forms using wire and then assembling found objects inside the forms to depict something about each figure’s life. My intent is to invite viewers to look through the figure’s outer shell to see the story that lies within. Each sculpture documents some psychological or emotional facet of the figure’s experience and how that experience is embodied in her. Wood panels painted with acrylics provide a backdrop for some pieces, suggesting an environment in which the figure’s story unfolds.

This series is influenced in part by my study of human anatomy and the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion and memory. It also reflects the tension between that which can be scientifically known, measured and visualized about the human body and that which cannot be fully captured by our technology. These themes emerge from my work as a medical writer and editor and as a massage therapist.

Artist Bio

Laurie Fronek was born near Chicago, grew up in rural Illinois and Montana and has lived in Seattle since 1995. In 2012, she was selected for the Artist Trust EDGE Professional Development Program for Visual Artists. She earned a bachelor-of-arts degree in art history in 1992 and studied drawing, design and sculpture at Smith College. She has worked as a writer and editor, specializing in medical topics, since 1993 and as a massage therapist since 2002.

Artist Resume

Born near Chicago in 1969
Living in Seattle since 1995

Arts education
> Artist Trust EDGE Professional Development Program for Visual Artists, Centrum,
Port Townsend, Wash. | 2012
> Bachelor-of-arts degree in art history and courses in drawing, design and sculpture, Smith College, Northampton, Mass. | 1992

“Nevertheless. We Persist.” Columbia City Gallery | February 2018
> Who Did She Think She Was?,” Tashiro Kaplan Art of the City Art Street Fair | August 2014
> Handle with Care,” Corridor Gallery/Tashiro Kaplan | March 2013
> “Stitch,artEAST Art Center | January-February 2013
> “Show Us Yours: CoCA Members Show, Center on Contemporary Art | October 2012
> Who Does She Think She Is?,” Corridor Gallery/Tashiro Kaplan | October 2012
> "Design Presence," Gallery [context], Seattle Design Center | September-October 2012
> First Friday Art Walk in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood | June 2012

> “Fragility of Humans and Nature Theme for Group Show,” The Seattle Vine, 2/28/13
> “Artists Find Their Edge,” The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader, 8/22/12
> Artist Trust, member
> Bellevue Art Museum, member
> Center on Contemporary Art, member
> Seattle Art Museum, member

Other experience and education
> Licensed massage therapist | 2002 to present
> Brian Utting School of Massage | 2002
> Medical writer and editor | 1993 to present
> Columbia Publishing Course/Radcliffe Publishing Course | 1993